LED Sponge Lamp

Introduction: LED Sponge Lamp

In this Instructable, I am going to show you how to make a unique sponge LED lamp. For this instructable you will only need some basic Radio Shack items and a dryed sponge that cost about 2 dollars. I hope you enjoy this Instructable and I would appreciate it if you vote for me in the LED Contest.

Step 1: Items You Will Need....

For this Instructable you will need:
1. dried coral sponge
2. scissors
3. Cardboard cutter
3. bright LED (9 volt)
4. 9 volt Battery
5. Wires
6. small Switch

Step 2: Perparing the LED

Follow the Steps:
1. Now take your lED and add wires to both sides. (as seen in the picture)
2. Next, take your switch and add one side of the LED wire to it.(as seen in the image)
3. You finished Preparing the LED!!!

Step 3: Preparing the Coral Sponge

Follow the Steps:
1. Now take your cardboard cutter and cut a small square hole, the size of the switch, into the side of the sponge.
2. Next, check to make sure the size is a snug fit for the switch.

Step 4: Setting It Up!!

This the hard part so read the directions and look at the pictures:

1.Now carefully take your switch and the attached LED and put it in the hole. Also hot glue the switch into the hole for a good fit. (the LED should go up deeper into the coral Sponge while the other two wires go out)

2. Next using the cutter, cut in the hole of the Sponge to make room for the 9 volt Battery. (look at the second image for help)

3. When you are finished with that carefully put your Battery into the hole. (only the end of the battery should stick out)

4. Lastly, hot glue the wires down to the positive and negitive side of the Battery.

5. Your finished!!!! Now try it out in the Dark for a nice look!

NOTICE: If you liked this Instructable please vote for me:) Thank You

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    Actually pretty cool.
    But wow, 9V LED?! That's crazy.
    I would most likely use a RGB LED, and a resistor (never forget them!), that would be really cool.
    Nice job, still pretty cool.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Hm... where did you find a 9V LED? White LEDs are typically somewhere between 3 and 4.5V.

    Even if you do have a real 9V LED, you would still want to put a small resistor in series with it. Otherwise, next time you clip on a fresh 9+V battery, your LED may be toast...

    By the way, this "sponge" you use is called a loofa (or luffa), and is not actually a sponge but the fibrous inner part of a type of gourd.

    As you can tell in step 4, a loofa typically has 3-4 compartments. For a more advanced version, I think it might look nice to have a slow color changing RGB led in each compartment.

    Nice idea, it looks like a very soft light, and the texture of the loofa comes through nicely.