Introduction: LED String Lamp Base

I wanted to build something unique for my daughter that could also charge her mobile devices. With only a little hacking of consumer products, I came up with this lamp with a string of LEDs.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

I found a desk lamp that had a USB port built into the base. Another desk lamp had a simple base about the same size gave me the idea of sandwiching something between them. I found that the coupling for ABS 4 inch pipe has a diameter about the same as the inside of the simple base. Since ABS pipe is easy to work, stable, light and non-conducting, it seemed like a good place to start. Lamp making parts found at the local hardware store provided enough flexibility for making the lamp and an LED string added a little flair.

I used a collection of basic hand tools, sometimes creatively, and survived without any scrapes, cuts or pinched fingers.

Step 2: Rewiring

After pulling the bases off the lamps, it was pretty clear what wires provided electricity to the different parts of the lamp. I used parts of the cord from the simple lamp to feed the inside of the tube so I could power the LED string. After cutting the center rod to length and cutting a notch for the wires, I fed the wires in, connected the ends, soldered and taped the connections and installed the LED power block.

Step 3: Wrapping the LED String

I started the LED string end inside the tube and peeled the sticky cover off as I rotated the tube. With the LED spool on an axle, I was able to use both hands to keep the tube wrap tight and straight.

Step 4: LED String Test/Lamp Socket...Done

A quick test of the LED string and then added the lamp socket on the top.