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Introduction: LED Strip - DRAWING TABLE in a Multifunctional Furniture

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With my dad we decided to make a multifunctional piece of furniture so that I can have my art supplies in my room. In the images you will find the different uses it has. In this instructable I will show you how we made the part that is a drawing table, which we did with LED strips and acrylic to optimize the space.

I hope you like it.

Con mi papá decidimos hacer un mueble multifuncional para que yo pudiera tener mis cosas de arte en mi habitación. En las imágenes encontrarán los diferentes usos que tiene. En este instructable les mostraré como hice la parte que es mesa de dibujo, la cual hice con tiras de LEDs y acrílico para optimizar espacio.

Espero les guste.


To make the drawing table we need

    - Wood (cut according to the sizes calculated for the furniture)
    - Wood screws2 hinges (to connect it to the complete furniture)
    - Handle
    - 5 meters of LED strip (connector, small cables, soldering iron ...)
    - White acrylic
    - Aluminum profiles
    - Metallic paper

    Para hacer la parte de mesa de dibujo necesitamos

    - Madera (cortada según los tamaños calculados para el mueble)
    - Tornillos para madera
    - 2 Bisagras (para unirla al mueble completo)
    - Agarre - Manija
    - 5 mts de cinta de LEDs (conector, cables pequeños, cautín…)
    - Acrílico blanco
    - Perfiles de aluminio
    - Papel con acabado metalizado

    Step 1: The 4 Tables on the Sides

    We prepare the four tables on the sides to add the aluminum profiles.

    Preparamos las cuatro tablas de los lados para agregarles los perfiles de aluminio.

    Step 2: Aluminum Profiles

    We join aluminum profiles with screws

    Unimos los perfiles de aluminio con tornillos

    Step 3: Join the Sides

    We join the sides with screws

    Unimos los lados con tornillos

    Step 4: Acrylic

    We put the acrylic

    Ponemos el acrílico en el fondo.

    Step 5: Holding the Acrylic

    Add two boards on the inside, to the sides and grab them with screws.

    Glue metallic paper on the boards to increase light intensity.

    Add two boards inside on the other two sides and also grab them with screws.

    The latter are also covered with metallic paper.

    Agregar dos tablas en el interior, a los lados y las agarrarlas con tornillos.

    Pegar papel con acabado metálico sobre las tablas para aumentar la intensidad de la luz.

    Agregar dos tablas en el interior en los otros dos lados y también agarrarlas con tornillos.

    Estas últimas también se cubren con papel con acabado metálico

    Step 6: Last Wood Board

    Glue metallic paper to the table

    Paste the LED strip divided into 6 sections

    Pegar papel con acabado metálico a la tabla

    Pegar la cinta de LEDs dividida en 6 secciones

    Step 7: Preparing the LED Strips

    In the middle of each strip cut a little piece of the plastic so we could connect the strips.

    En el medio de cada tira, corte un pequeño trozo de plástico para que podamos conectar las tiras.

    Step 8: Connecting It

    We always connect - with - and + with +

    And we connect it to the appropriate adapter

    Conectamos siempre - con - y + con +

    Y lo conectamos al adaptador apropiado

    Step 9: Closing It

    We close it and add the necessary screws.

    Se cierra y se agregan tornillos.

    Step 10: Turn It Around

    We turn it around.

    Add the handle

    And finally, add it to the furniture.

    Lo giramos

    Añadimos un agarre

    Y lo unimos al resto del mueble.

    Step 11: Using It

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      Lina Maria
      Lina Maria

      Reply 2 years ago

      Thank you!! :)


      2 years ago

      Very nice work! Seems also much safe ( in antithesis to the table that i had made 20 years ago using fluorescent light tubes and ballasts).

      Lina Maria
      Lina Maria

      Reply 2 years ago

      Thank you!!
      Yes, when I was making it I was kind of worried about the glass and the fluorescent light tubes, I needed it to be safe and light for moving it every time I wanted to use the keyboard, and then I thought about the Led strips and the acrylic :)

      Lina Maria
      Lina Maria

      Reply 2 years ago

      Thank you :)

      Penolopy Bulnick
      Penolopy Bulnick

      2 years ago

      I really like how you did the glowing top and that removable storage :)

      Lina Maria
      Lina Maria

      Reply 2 years ago

      Thank you :)