Introduction: LED TUBELIGHT Homemade

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1 watt power led are used

Step 1: Material Required

30 1w leds

Leds Heat Sink

Cassing Capping strip

Transparent plastic pipe

2 bottle caps.

some wires


Step 2: Circuit

As shown in the circuit connect the leds.

connect the Leds on heat sink.

soldier the leds.

stick heat sink on cassing capping strip.

Step 3: Connect Leds on Heat Sink

Step 4:

stick this leds on cassing capping strip and soldier the leds circuit as per the circuit diagram shown above step.

Step 5: Led Driver Circuit

it is led driver circuit to drive led tubelight.

12V 2A stepdown transformer is used.

4 1N4001 diodes or bridge rectifier.

1000 microF capacitor.

connect the component as circuit.

Step 6:

at last our led tubelight is ready to use.

we can operate it on 18v to 24v input d.c.

it give sufficient lumens output to light our home.

This led tubelight can also connected with solar panel to operate it on solar energy.

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