Introduction: LED TV Remote Controller Using Cayenne

We can use cayenne as remote controller for television or air conditioner.

Only one device can remote all TV/AC, more simple and can develop to other project by trigger.

Example, if we enter the room then air conditioner can ON itself and if we out the room it's OFF automatically.

In my case I use cayenne because it's simple for me.

Step 1: Hardware and Software Needed

Hardware required :

Arduino mega 2560

Ethernet shield W5100

IR receiver

IR emitter

100 ohm resistor

software :

Arduino IDE

IR remote library


Step 2: Circuit Diagram

You must connecting part as picture.

There are two picture, arduino uno and mega 2560.

You can choose one.

Step 3: Receive and Save IR Code

You need to read code from original remote using IRrecvdump from library examples, then upload your code to arduino and open your serial monitor.

Press the key on original remote that you want to read, you can see the code from serial monitor

After you know the code, write the code to note.

And now replace the code in irsend.sendNEC row from the code what I'm uploaded.

Don't forget to insert your cayenne token too.

And then you can remove IR receiver.


Step 4: Add Cayenne Widget

And now login to your cayenne dashboard.

Add 5 button widget and then set to virtual pin 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Now you can control your television from your cellphone.

It also can be used to controlling air conditioner.