Introduction: LED Table Lamp Using PVC

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Today I am going to Build Simple LED Table Lamp using it yourself project .LED Table lighting may be used for activities which need high focus – reading, writing, craft work, working, using a computer, putting on makeup or even shaving.Your regular light in the house is not designed to be suitable for all will work in 230v AC

Step 1: Things We Need to Build LED Table Lamp Using PVC

1.Acrylic Sheet Clear white - 15x20cm - 1

2.Acrylic sheet Round - 60mm dia

3.Barrel Jack 230v AC - 1

4.PVC Pipe - 3/4 - 45cm Length

5.PVC coupling - 2.1/2 - 1

6.PVC coupling - 3/4 - 1

7.PVC Reducer - 64x40mm-1

8.PVC Reducer - 3/4 - 1

9.Flexible PVC - 10cm -1

10.Wire Mulistand - 1 meter Red & Black

11.Power cord 230v AC

12. Heat Sleeve - 10cm

13.LED Module with 230v Controller Board -32 SMD LED

14.230v Male connector

15.Fevi glue - 2

Step 2: Soldering & Drilling

1. Take the Multi Strand wire and solder it into the Barrel Jack

2. Take the PVC Coupling and put a hole of 12mm dia

3.Now insert the barrel jack into the coupling as shown in image

Step 3: Casing Assembling 1

1.Insert the wire through coupling

2.Insert the wire through Acrylic sheet Round into the coupling

3.Insert the wire through 3/4 Reducer and screw it to the Round Acrylic sheet

4.Now screw the PVC Reducer and Coupling

5.using glue stick the Acrylic Round into the Coupling

6.Now Insert the wire through PVC pipe 3/4 As shown in image

7.Now insert the PVC pipe into the Reducer

Step 4: Casing Assembling 2

1.Now Insert wire through the Flexible PVC

2.Insert the Wire into the LED head (PVC Reducer )

3.Take the LED module and connect the Red to Phase and Black wire to Neutral and solder it insulate with heat sleeve properly

4.Stick the LED panel into the PVC coupling and fix it.

5.Now finally Take the Table lamp base Acrylic sheet stick it to Table lamp base coupling

Step 5: Output

Now connect the 230v Ac Adapter into Table Lamp On Switch On the supply.

Enjoy Lighting.This LED based Table lamp uses ultra-bright white LEDs to provide sufficient light for reading

Step 6: Troubleshooting


Check the Power Supply

While checking the wire connection check the switch is in OFF state

Check the Soldering Connections

Check the Barrel Jack adapter is any soldering removed

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