LED Test Module




Introduction: LED Test Module

Header Connector PS1B50 http://www.signal.com.tr/pdf/cat/2-78.pdf

LM317T Voltage Regulator http://www.signal.com.tr/

1pcs    x   1uF/50V E-Cap.
1pcs    x   10uF/50V E-Cap.
2pcs    x   1N4007 Diode
1pcs    x   200R 1/2W resistor
1pcs    x   5Kohm Potentiometers
1pcs    x   100nF/50V Film Cap.
1pcs    x   9V Battery
1pcs    x   Battery Strap
1pcs    x   Printed Circuit Board
2pcs    x   Cable Strips
1mt      x   Wire

Step 1:

Mounting Big Parts

Step 2:


Step 3:

Please watch embed video

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    Any way to help us determine how much current the LED wants (and thus give us the last piece of the puzzle for calculating the resistor required for a given voltage source?)