Introduction: LED Traffic Light

Traffic lights appear in our lives every day, which is essential for us to cross the road. This LED traffic light can let children know how it works and the importance of following it.

The website source:


3 LEDs (recommended colors: green, yellow, red)
3 110 ohm resistors

1 Arduino Leonardo

1 x USB cable

1 x breadboard

Step 1: Setting Up the LED

Connecting the first wire to GND then the second wire to ~6 , the third one to 8, the fourth one to ~10. After connecting all the wires connect LED lights red yellow and green and three 220-ohm resistors. You can connect wires at different place unless connect at the right places.

Step 2: Uploading the Code

After setting up the LED lights, we need to do the software.

The following website was my code:

Step 3: Decorating It Like a Real Traffic Light

Make three LED light like a real traffic light on the road.

Step 4: Work

Connect with computer.