Introduction: LED Tricolor Lighting Effect

I always feel proud when I see one country showing respect, support to other country by illuminating the monuments, prominent structure in their country with lighting effects that resembles to flag of other. Sometimes it was done to show solidarity with that country or sometime it is to celebrate the national day, festival of the country.

So this idea came to my mind. Why I shouldn’t decorate the small replica of the Taj Mahal, an Indian monument, with LED lighting that will light up as tricolor of different countries. This was kept as showpiece for years in one corner of the room with not much attention

Isn’t it great to celebrate the national occasion of foreign country in your home? And after I was mesmerized with this idea in my mind, work started to turn it into beautiful attraction of my home. Many visitors have praised this transformation from dull replica to beautiful monument.

You can use any showpiece or replica of the world’s famous monuments. I used Taj Mahal as this piece was made of 3 different parts, top dome, middle House, and bottom base …perfect for my tricolor setup. I could use three individual RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) LED strips to control the tricolor light effects independently in each part. This replica is made of white marble and gives beautiful effect and reflects colors very well. It is available worldwide for different size and cost. This one I bought for 50 USD when I visited the real one. To add the LED decoration, I spent little over 20 USD which is reasonable, keeping in mind the wonderful light effect you can witness once it is ready and it gives new existence to the corner of your room, which was once in dark.

So let’s get started……….

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