Introduction: DYI LED Underglow for Stereo Recievers

This is a great look for a receiver it adds a great techy type of decoration to your stereo

Step 1: Materials

you will need 4 light strips/bars about a foot long (i used ikea dioders)

a power supply and controller for the light strips/bars (ikea dioders include power supply and controller)

a stereo reciever with feet approx. an inch in hight (i owned a yamaha RS-202BL)

glue dots



and 1 small zip tie at least 3 inches in length

Step 2: Stick Glue Dots to the Ends of the Tops of the Light Bars

Step 3: Press 3 of the 4 of the Light Bars Face Up As Shown in These Spots on the Bottom of the Reciever

Step 4: Press the 4th Bar Down As Shown

(i have hooked the last one to the one closest to it to reduce cord usage and save some space)

Step 5: (OPTIONAL STEP 1) Add Some Tape to Hold Down Any Cords If Needed or As a Cover for the Glue Dots

Step 6: (OPTIONAL STEP 2) Add a Zip Tie Next to the Back of the Receiver to Hold the Cords in Place

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