Introduction: LED Wall Hanging Flower

This is for decoration. This project has been made in Khera jattan Nook.

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Step 1: Material Requirement

1. Craft Paper -16

2. Scissors

3. Fevicol

4. A4 Paper Sheet

5. Glue Gun

6. Brown Paint

7. Ply Wood

8. Wire

9. Soldering Iron

10. Diode IN4007 -4

11.Polypropylene File Capacitor 224k-250V

12. Resistor 2.20M -1

13.Resistor 1.50k-1


15.Bulb holder

Step 2: Bottom Flower

Take a craft paper its length and width is 15 cm.

Match it from one corner the other and just like you like have to matches on the third corner to the fourth corner.

After that, turn aside from one side of the center and do this on the other side.

Fold it from one side and triangular side cutting.

Now open and make a cutting from the centre.

Straighten the cutting which is done straight and mix one of its corners with another angle and match all like this.

Step 3: Middle Flower

Take a Craft paper of 5 cm and which are equal to all sides

One corner of it is mixed with the other corner in the same way as the third and fourth

Also, trim it in triangle angle now do its cutting from side to's ready

Step 4: Flower Leaves

Take a Green Paper sheet. Its length is 22 cm and the width is 15 cm.

Second, fold it equally and cut it from the Scissors into the middle.

Now, mix it from bottom to top and middle of this way 8 parts will be ready and round from this and paste it with Gluegun.

Step 5: Fix the Flowers and LED

Take the Paper role stick then prepare its 9 boxes.

Put LED light on the corner.

The circuit board 250V Covert to 60V connect the LED lights.

Step 6: Add It

Make a wooden box and paint it.

Insert the Bulb in corner of the box and put all the flowers in the box.

Then, finally, laminate it. It is ready

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