Introduction: LED Workbench Lamp

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This lamp is for all application in you need good lighting condition. I use it at my workbench.


  • ~ 2000 lm
  • Diffuse, no shadows ( iced acrylic glass )
  • CRI > 90
  • 4000 k
  • Flicker free
  • optimized temperature management (heatsink < 55°C after ~ 90 minutes)
  • 12 V @ ~ 2 A

Step 1: What You Need:

1 x heatsink 345 mm ( I took ct-83 from CoolTec Germany, Heatsink is 980 gramms )
also possible ( sk407 form fischerelektronic Germany )

LED Stripe (I took 4 x 300 mm 60LED/M 4000K CRI 5630 12V CRI>90)

3 x iced acrylic glass

4 x M5x12 screws ( DIN912 or what you have )

4 x M5 washer ( DIN125 )

2 x 3D printed side part

1x 12V 3A PowerSupply

Step 2: Heatsink

Cut the heatsink to 345 mm length or buy it with this length.

I you want to use your LED stripe or LED module as long as possible, use a heavy heatsink.

!!!! The normal "little" lightweight heatsinks definitely do not dissipate enough heat from your LED. !!!!

Step 3: LED Stripe

  1. Clean the heatsink with alcohol or isopropanol.
  2. Solder before stick it, cause the heatsink suck all your power from soldering iron

Step 4: Acrylic Glass

cut your acryl like in the drawing.

Step 5: 3D Print the Parts

Print both Housing parts. The second is for 8 mm Power Jack (Very common in Germany).

If needed print the angle(Winkel) parts. The angle is about 12 degree.

Step 6: Put It Together