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Introduction: LED and Music Flower Basket

Hello, everybody! I’d like to show you how to reuse a flower basket. That basket was given as a present to my wife at her birthday. When flowers faded I decided to reuse the basket. I found that an old speaker, savaged from an old Soviet type TV-set, fitted well into the basket. The only thing I had to do was to add LEDs and do some wiring.
Time: 2 hours.
Cost: 5-6 USD (in equivalent, of course)
Skills: basic soldering skills.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You need a flower basket, a speaker (mine is 5W/4Ohm) to fit into the basket, wires, duct tape, connectors, socket (to connect an adapter), an audio cable, origami paper or a piece of cardboard, a length of fishing line (0,5m), reflective material (I used a window shade), double-sided adhesive tape, wall wart adapter (mine is 9V/0.8A from an old video game console).
Electronic components: LEDs – 3 flashing LEDs (red, green, blue) and 6 super bright LEDs (2 red, 2 green, 2 blue).
Tools: A craft knife, pliers, a soldering iron, solder and flux, a pair of scissors, a multi-meter.

Step 2: Schematic

As you can see the schematic is as simple as it can be. As far as I know this schematic is the simplest random LED flasher.

Step 3: Do Some Soldering

You have to solder 3 LEDs in series. The first one is a flashing LED. To its cathode you have to solder the anode of a super bright LED (the same color), then add another super bright LED, its cathode goes to “-”of the adapter and the flashing LED anode goes to “+“of the adapter .

Step 4: Keep It Under Test and Complete the Electronic Work

Connect the string of 3 LEDs to the adapter observing polarity. If everything is OK, it starts flashing. When all three strings are ready, solder them in parallel according to the schematic. When the adapter is connected, LEDs start flashing randomly.

Step 5: Make a Cube

I made an origami cube. If you don’t like folding, you may make it using cardboard. Wrap the cube with aluminum foil and fix it with adhesive tape. Punch a tiny hole in a cube corner and tie a piece of fishing line. Tie the line in the middle of the basket handle. The cube should hang 3-4 inches above the speaker.

Step 6: Fix the LEDs and Complete the Work

Fix the LEDs with duct tape on the upsets. Place the speaker into the basket.The speaker wires and feeding wires go through the randing. The last things you have to solder are a sound connector (female) and a socket for the adapter.

Step 7: You Are Done!

Place or hang the basket wherever you like. Using audio cable connect your MP3 player to the speaker, turn it on and set volume. Connect the adapter and touch the cube. The cube starts spinning and colorful reflections will run across the ceiling and walls. Enjoy!

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