Introduction: LED Art Project

This is a quick and cool little project that can be customized however you would like it. The project will be to blinking LEDs in a picture of your choosing.

Step 1: Components Needed

To make this project you will need the following:
9 volt socket
9 volt battery
47 micro farad capacitor @ 25 volts
4.7k ohm resistor
220 ohm resistor
LEDs (number and color of them depends on what you are going to make.)
Proto board
assorted wire

Step 2: The Circuit

Sorry for the sloppy wire work its not one of my specialties.

the colors in the schematic correspond to the LED that matches it. so all in red is the timer for the red LED. Same thing for the green. Anf like I said before you dont have to use the same colors or amount but make sure to put the LEDs in parallel.

Step 3: More About the Circuit

If you have more than one LED for the same color then you can either connect them in series or parallel. If connected in series some LEDs may be dimmer then others. So the best way is to put them in parallel for a equal voltage.

When soldering the circuit to the proto board leave open wires were the anode and cathode of the LEDs would be so that it can reach the art work. Also you will only need one cathode for a group of LEDs. If there close enough to connect all the cathodes.

Also if you want to change how fast the LEDs blink you can experiment with the size of the capacitor. Change the farads up or down until you find something you like.

Step 4: The Artwork Itself

For the artwork you want, choose something relatively easy to work with so that you know you'll have space to place LEDs. Print the picture you find to a peice of cardstock. We are using cardstock so that its extra strong and not flimsy. If you dont have cardstock you can experiment with another type of paper. (The next part is optional also but I think it really makes everything look great) Print the picture again but instead to a peice of thin laminated paper (im not sure what its called but its a see through material that can be used to print stuff on). When printing this out it may be best to flip the picture so that the side of the paper that has the ink on it isnt facing up on the picture when we place it ontop of the cardstock.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Great you have made it this far we are almost there. For this step all you need to do is place 5 millimeter holes in the cardstick where you would like the LEDs.Then solder all cathdes of one group together and wire everything to the circuit. I then used hot glue to make sure the LEDs stay in the card stock.

Step 6: Done

Now plug in your 9 volt and watch it go. If you have any problems making this please let me know and ill try my best to help. Always make sure to check all connections and if the LEDs and capacitors are in correctly if not there could be a risk of them blowing up or breaking. Thank you.

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