Introduction: LED Dome Light Upgrade

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I hate incandescent bulbs! I also don't like ordering LED bulbs online. So I am lucky enough to have a Frys near by. I picked up about 5 epoxy sealed 12v LED SMD

Step 1: The Parts

  • Clear rubber/soft plastic bumpers (optional)
  • Linrose LED Modules (BIM1220W-White) [or any color u want/find]
  • Cut off disc/wheel or small hack saw (I like my Dremel)

Step 2: Tools

  • Small screwdriver set
  • Plastic wedge (I used my short finger nails)
  • Side cutters
  • Solder iron
  • Elec-Solder wire

Step 3: Remove Dome Light Fixture

I don' have a pic before the soldered finished product. Sorry.

  • wedge / pry
  • most likely clips on the sides (squeeze or compress)
  • slowly pull to the direction of least resistance
  • find wire harness (small flat head screw driver for tab [push end closest to you down] if you have clumsy fingers like mine) pull to separate connection

+- 90% of vehicles after 2000 wont have screws holding the dome light.

Step 4: ​Assessment of Setup

It is critical you determine what steps to take here! Not all cars are the same.

All I had to do was remove the clear plastic light diffuser to remove the bulb and place my LED module. Had my dome light been more shallow I would have needed to modify the bulb holder to accommodate the plastic light diffuser.

  • Find the Positive terminal (mark it)
  • Run your wiring (I had to do a little cutting as pointed out in the picture)
  • Temporarily secure the LED wire to your terminals and recheck you have power to the LED
  • Solder your joints

Step 5: Clean Up

Confirm joints are good, check fitment of plastic light diffuser, and retest power to LED

Step 6: ​Re-install

  • Connect Harness
  • Check functionality (On/doorOn)
  • Push back into place as you did when removing (path of least resistance)
  • May have to give good kick (push) to get the clips to hold it tight against the headliner
  • Re-check functionality (On/doorOn)

All Done!

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