Introduction: LED Hang Light

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So this will be my 2nd instructable, think this is going to become a bit of a thing for me, in this instructable im making a magnetic hang light, using some bits and pieces laying around the shed, as i was finding it hard to get the right light on what ever i am working on, so i hope you can enjoy my 2nd instructable.

Step 1: Materials

So the list is quite short,

DC adaptor, i had 4.5v 550ma

LED 3v (5mm) white,

PCB board,

Magnetic omega TC holder,

Resistors, i used 120 ohm

And a nut to fit thread of TC holder

Step 2: Tools

Tools i used where

Soldering iron + solder and flux


hole saw, what ever size you would like your light,

a few drill bits,

and what ever else you would need and that's it.

Step 3: Part One

First off lets begin buy stripping back the insulation of the DC adapter, and feeding down the TC holder, try and leave as much slack from the plug to the tc holder as possible so this will give you cable to play with.

Aslo DON'T strip the insulation all the way back only what you will be feeding down the TC holder.

Step 4: Part Two

Now with your prototype PCB cut your shape you would like, i used a hole saw, drilling a hole in the middle to connect to the TC holder, and plus another little hole to feed cables through, then using the nut you have found just put it together to get an idea where the best place to put you LED's and resistors.

Step 5: Part 3

This for me is my fav part love playing with a soldering iron, after you have found the best layout for your LED's and resistors, start soldering it all together, test each LED before you solder and after as you never know if you have a dud one better to be safe than sorry, not for getting to test with your resistor inline as they will go really bright then go pop as i did as i forgot but im hoping im not the only person to do this.

Step 6: Part 4

So after you have said to yourself nice bit of soldering ;-), put it all together and solder you + and - of your adapter,

and stand back and admire your handy work.

I screwed down some washers so i can use the magnets of the TC holder, i have thought of batteries for this so it can be used anywhere then which would be an idea but ill let you have a play with that idea as im only using it in my shed (for now), thanks for reading hope you enjoyed reading as i have sharing.

Sorry about the pictures ill be getting a new phone soon.

One last thing be safe and play safe please