Introduction: LED Lavalamp

This is a very simple instructable that even an expert with LEDs could enjoy. I guess you could call this a lavalamp, but without all the glowing blobs of stuff. It is pretty bright, and is fun for any night party, or just a nice room decoration. Not too expensive, just an LED, some button cell batteries, and two styrofoam cups. You can get a pack of 20 assorted LEDs at Radioshack pretty cheap.

You'll have to trust me here that it is much brighter in real life.

Step 1: Light Your LED!

To light up your LED, take your two batteries, put them positive to negative, and then take the longer wire of the LED (this is called the anode) and put it to the positive side of the battery. Next, take the cathode (shorter wire) and connect it to the negative side of the battery. Then, tape it together so the LED stays lit.

This is the finished LED, when it is lit.

Step 2: Make the Lavalamp!

Put the LED in the styrofoam cup, then the other on top. The first picture is it in the cup and second is how you put it on top. The second picture is the same one on the introduction.

Step 3: The Simplest Step

Shut the lights off. Oh my, we are finished here. These were very simple steps.

Your finished product hopefully looks like this.