LED Light Strip Long Board

Introduction: LED Light Strip Long Board

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Not only does having your Long Board light up at night look cool, it is also good for safety to be able to be seen from a distance. This project is pretty easy to make. I used the LED strip stuff that i ordered online off ebay. Theres all different colors. The LED strip is sticky on the back that sticks well to the wood board. I powered mine with a 9 volt battery that I put in a 9 volt battery pack that I also ordered off ebay. I put one strip down and then added wire around the truck connecting it to the other strip then to the battery pack that is located under the other truck.

you want to get theses led strips water proof

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

solder iron
wire strippers
electrical tape

L.E.D. colored strips
9 volt battery pack
9 volt battery
double sided sticky tape

Step 2: Making It

I used double sided sticky tape to attach the 9 volt battery back, then I solder the the red wire coming out to the positive of the LED strip. Then I did the same thing with the negitive wire. There is a switch on the battery pack to turn on and off the LED strips. You can also you use glue. I covered the wire going around the trucks with electrical tape.

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    6 years ago

    How long does the power supply last you?