LED Light Up Googley Eyes

Introduction: LED Light Up Googley Eyes

Awesome LED googley eyes!

Step 1: LED Light Up Googley Eyes

How to Make LED light up Googley Eyes


2 googley eyes

5 pieces of wire

1 switch

1 soldering station

1 roll of solder (any size and you don't use the entire thing)

2 LEDs colors of your choice

1 resistor

electrical tape


1 3v battery


1. Take the scissors and poke a hole in the googley eyes

2. Put the LEDs in the hole and make a support to keep the LEDs from falling over

3. Solder one of the wires to the positive ends of both LEDs

4. The do the same for the negative wires

5. Solder a wire to the positive end of one of the LEDs

6. Solder a wire opposite LED ( the negative end)

7. Attach the switch by putting the positive end in the middle hole and another wire coming out

8. Attach the the resistor to the wire you just added and then attach the 3v battery to the negative end and the resistor using the electrical tape

9. Now you are done!!!!!!!!!!

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