Introduction: LED Lights for XBOX and Games

Here I will be mounting both a green and white LED for my xbox and game collection. Let's check out how I made it...

Step 1: Turning a Guitar Tuner Into a Switch!

Check out that badassery. Can you think of a better housing for a switch???

The case used two AAA batteries which totals in 3v of power.

Observe in all it's glory :)

Step 2: Soldering the Leads OntoThe LEDS

Since the LEDs require 3v each, I'm having to wire them in parallel. Be sure to slide on that trusty 11/64" heat shrink tubing before you start soldering!

I also winded up the leads to organize them better. Check it out!

Step 3: Light 'em Up!

Everything is connected nicely. Now onto insulating the leads with hot glue and heat shrink!

Step 4: Hot Glue and Heat Shrink

A nifty trick I picked up was applying hot glue in between the leads of the LED. This allows the leads to keep from touching each other but it also takes up more room so the heat shrink can wrap around tighter. Now on to mounting the lights...

Step 5: All Set!

Due to poor lighting and absolute exhaustion (it's 4am) I was unable to find energy to snap pictures of how I mounted the switch and lights.

I basically put velcro on the switch so it can be removed for battery changes. Then, I applied hot glue to the LEDs and stuck them to the roof of my entertainment center where the wires couldn't be seen.

Now my sexy xbox is just that much sexier.

Hope you enjoyed this instructable!