LED Lights to Music



Introduction: LED Lights to Music

This circuit is designed to emit an electronic pulse to every beat of music. We will be building the circuit and test its functions with the sound. The parts are inexpensive and can be found at and store that sells circuit parts.

Parts that you will need.
Perf board
Tip 31 NPN transistor
LED’s any color and size will work
6V Battery pack (we are going to use it as a case)
Supper glue
12 volt 1 amp transformer

Step 1: Building the Circuit

This is a very simple circuit and good for beginners. There is a picture that explains all the parts used and is very broken down. Remember that with soldering parts like this you can burn the parts so heat sink them all the time. Heat sinking is very easy, just take alligator clips and attach them onto the leads from the led or any other part between the component and the board. The parts can easley be replaced if there are burned. there is a diode in the circuit to prevent static in the speaker.

Step 2: Fitting the Box.

Fitting the box. This step we will pack the circuit we just made in to a 6v battery box. To start this I had an old 6v battery and opened the casing. Some people are afraid to do this because they think battery acid is going to come out. That is false as long as your careful it is very easy just take off the top and you should see 4 silver cylinders. Take the cylinders out and dispose of them properly. Now you have a case.

Step 3: Cutting and Placing the Switch

After modifying the battery case we will need to cut out come wholes. I have a picture that shows weir I placed the wholes. Remember that’s how I chose to build mine you can do whatever you want. I cut the wholes out with a rotary cutting tool, but a drill press should work fine. At the end I used sand paper to smooth out the burrs.

Step 4: Finishing Up

This is the part that we get see everything come together. After we drilled the wholes we can place the LED’s in the box. I just ran wires out of the circuit and in to LED’s that I super glued in the box. We can also put the switch and wire it into to the circuit.

In this steep I also ran the power cable into the circuit. The more power you put into the circuit the more powerful the lights will be.

In the last steep I will be showing how to run para cord over your cables.

Step 5: Paracord Wires

Doing this takes some time but is is very cool and it color coats your wires. Just slip the paracord over the wire, it will bunch up over time but just work with it a little bit.

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