Introduction: LED Side Markers

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Turn you existing car molding into useable space to put in some LED side markers for extra safety and a neat spy look. Also less work than an instal of  OEM side markers, as you don`t have to cut a hole in the fender. 


- Old data cable
- LED 6 for this Instructable 
- Wire 
- 5 Min epoxy
- 82 ohm 1 W resistor
- splice clip

Step 1: The Pod

Using the old data cable plug as a template to solder your leds on makes for presice measurment accuracy when drilling out holes later on. Also helps to make for a neater looking pod.

Step 2: Drill the Light Holes and Add Wire to Pod

Use your pod as a template as where to drill. 
Attatch a positive and a negitve wire to either end of the pod.
Add a 82 ohm 1 W resistor to the positive end of the pod.
Test the fit of the pod in the drilled holes and move on to glueing
Five minute epoxy was used as it is fast and makes for a waterproof pod with a strong bond.

The negative wire can attach to a ground, as for the positive it has to be routed behind the fender to the signal light bulb with the wires to connect. 
Black - Ground
Red - Positive
Green -  flasher 

Splice clip can be used to tap onto the wire

Give the pod a test with you car in the ON position before the final attachment to the fender.