Introduction: LED Video Softbox

Hi, my name is Philipp, i am 15 years old and from germany. I built six softboxes for shooting photos or for making videos. They operate at 12v DC and can be mounted on tripods.

Step 1: On the Bottom

I used someting like these for mounting the lights on a tripod:

Step 2:

Step 3: The Left Side

The cable for the 12v DC comes out of the left side.

Step 4: The Right Side

On the right side there is a connector for hooking up the next lamp in series.

Step 5: Four Lamps in Series on Tripods

Step 6: The Back

On the back der is a switch for switching on the lamp

Step 7: The Inside

On the inside of the softbox I used some simple LED stripes like these:

They are sodered together with some stiff wire, on the lower left corner you can see the switch and the power input, on the right the power output.

Step 8: Spacers

I put some spacers between the wooden body and the mat acrylic glass so the heat from the LEDs can get out. (They get pretty hot after some time!)

Step 9: Power

For powering all six lamps up together i used an old car battery charger.

Step 10: I Hope You Liked My Project, If You Do I Would Be Happy If You Vote for Me in the "Make It Glow" Contest. :)

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