Introduction: LEDS. Make Them Glow When They Are Not Turned On.

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I just recently bought some green glow dust (glows in the dark) from Solar Color Dust.

This and clear nail polish is all you need to turn regular white light LEDS in to glow in the dark LEDS.

Step 1: More Colors

Here are more colors: Green, banana, blue, aqua, lime, orangsicle, peach, cotton candy, papaya, blueberry.

Green, blue and Aqua are the only colors that look pure white when lit up and when off but not charged. The rest have a noticeable color other than white when lit up and not charged when viewed not directly in the beam. The colors are a little washed out in the pictures of the leds when lit up but are actually quite noticeable.

All of them shine a pure white beam of light with no noticeable tint in the white circle of light.

Violet and lilac did not work well in this application.

Aqua and green have the brightest glow.

Banana glows green according to my eyes.

Blue and blueberry are dim.

Step 2: Paint and Dust

Just Paint the underside of a LED with clear nail polish. Then quickly, before the nail polish starts to dry, sprinkle / dump a lot of glow dust on the underside of the led. Then point the led down so the excess dust falls off. Save the dust that falls off. It is still usable for the next led. Let the led dry and power it up. If you think the led needs another coat then repeat the above steps.

Step 3: Glow Leds in Use

The first picture shows the LEDS getting charged up on my led tester box. As you can see from the next picture, the glow from the led can be seen in normal room lighting. 

Adding a little glow dust to your next LED flashlight project could be fun and it could help you find your flashlight in the dark.