Introduction: LEDs Light all of the instructables's type and whoever like in general to make things !

This is my first project, here,and i hope it will be usefull.

Step 1: The Tools You Need Are Here Reassumed.

Something are added later since it will later usefull and also beacouse i've forgot to put it, when the error come by, i'll make the improve needed.

-Mentos tin

-Cellphone with a good battery (any old nokya would do).

-The cable of the lastone to charge it.

-Some Led and '10 ohm' resistors

-A broken torch (not essential, but it is something easy to find)

-Two plastic cap, one bigger (like a spray cap) or you could use a plastic jar.

-Hot glue

-Magnet, be aware that you need a "strong" one, like the one you find in any Harddisk!

-Some Pc case cable (or small one)

-A switch

-Scissor, a piece of plexyglass and electrical tape

Step 2: Make the Battery's Case..

Found your battery's tin, like that one (it was perfect for the battery i have used) and then use a drill to make a space for the switch, the tin will be very easy to break so be carefull, and screw it in place. Then a small one for the computer case cable, I find a soket one for the pin that will go to the led's cap. Make the right connection i don't have a schematic for this but consider the switch goes between the + of the battery and the positive of the parrallel leds, so cut a cable of the socket and connect it to the switch; the other one, the negative cable of the socket, to the battery and use another free cable to make the connection to the positive of the battery. In the next step it will better illustrate. Also for the cover of the cable and to fit perfectly the battery (see next step) you can use some gauze(or lint).

Step 3: "In the Next Step.."

Now, if you have an old pc case probably also a one fan that you can break for recovering usefull parts, i have take out the pin of the latest one, and make a "springy" connection that fit with the positive and negative of the battery (the ends of 3 plates that you find in that kind of battery [BL-5CA] ).With electricl tape isolate the upper tin and use the hot glue to stick it in place, remember to take the right measurement before or they will not make contact,a little tricky but you can draw near the lid and use a screw to make some little mark on the tape, then close the tin and add/remove some lint to the bottom till the battery fits perfectly.

Step 4: Leds

I used an already stand for leds but you can make one with just a plastic cap and a pair of scissor. Solder 10Hom resistor for every positive's legs of the leds and then solder them in parrallel, then all the negative without the resistors. Use one cable for the positive and one for the negative then take 2 pin and solder them to the led's +,- ends cable.

Step 5: The Case for the Leds

Scrub the sandpaper in the back of the cap, the scratchs help the hotglue to stick to the magnet that you will place, always be carefull not to touch the last one till it cool off for precaution use some plastic gloves. With a small scissor make an opening for the cable and two for the ties that will set in place all. One smaller cap i have used for hotglue the parallel led to the spray one, also hot glue the leds to the cap (keep in mind that the heat can melt the glue and that will budge/move out in place). Use piece of plexyglass to cover the inner part, ad fix it with the tape like i did.

Step 6: Done!