Introduction: LEGO Artist, Built in Creativity!!

About: I am passionate about anything and everything engineering and physics. I am interested in much of chemistry and biology and I enjoy most art and craft + cooking and baking. I have completed my bachelor's in me…
please take a look at the video of it (made during the national level)

video of robot in action here

sorry, i dont have many pictures of the robot more of the products

please have a look at the robot i built in 2008 which won runners-up in Japan

This is a robot i built in march 2009 and was upgraded 3 times and overhauled once for the
World Robot Olympiad 2009 open category artist robot it won the senior high school champion award and excellence award from the mayor of Pohang South Korea

The robot is designed,built and programmed entirely by myself from scratch
however, my father helped me (more of i help him) with the woodwork for the frame and transportation box (fly from Malaysia to Korea in cargo)
the paperwork and process of turning the "raw art" in to more innovative forms are done by my teammate under the team mentor's guidance

The main concept here is that I want to build a robot that can be creative*, a robot that is able to have the human touch of producing limitless types and variations of art without ever repeating any one of them. The robot should also be able to do everything autonomously or with human intervention. By building a creative robot, the operators do not become "less creative" but on the contrary we must interpret the artworks or see how we can use it for other handicrafts,but ultimately i do hope to build a robot that can do the handicraft itself thus making it a "pocket factory". If i where to build a robot that takes in data in the form of pictures and merely reproduce it on cloth, it would be nothing more than a fancy over-sized printer. Or given its many axis, just another CNC. although i would love to include these as additional features, my computer can hardly do the currently programming, what more including printing and routing (i use a old laptop, maybe i will rebuild the robot when i get a new computer ).Anyway, the beauty in this robot is its current ability where "EVERY PIECE IS A MASTER PIECE"

now, here are the specs (i am no engineer, but working hard to be one)
Main construction material- Lego
electronic parts- 5 NXT bricks, 15 Motors, 12 external sensors,3 centrifugal pumps(salvaged)
inputs-joystick, dials and buttons
outputs-x,y,z axis (x,z=wheels y=scissors lift), 2 dual axis rotation mounts, 3 colour sprayer (everything between misting and jet of paint)
programming language- NXT-G ( compulsory for national level)... if you want a copy of the program feel free to contact me after my major exam on 16 december 2010

modes of operation- Fully autonomous, semi autonomous, manual
fully autonomous-user decides start and stop, robot decides x,y,z axis position, nozzle rotation, colour, number of sprays, duration of spray

semi-autonomous-user decides number of sprays and colour to spray, robot decides x,y,z axis position, nozzle rotation

manual mode- user decides everything stated above, extra feature is a dual axis rotational mount which can hold brushes or and air nozzle (any other thing is not tested)

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