Introduction: LEGO BRICKHEADZ Secret Stash (for USB, Keys, Etc.)

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LEGO BRICKHEADZ are collectable figures of iconic characters, like the amazing Batman!

I realised when building it for myself that the 'core' of the build, although adding stability and substance, seemed a little un-necessary, given it was not an 'action figure' which you crash around with! It's more for displaying on your shelf...

...So I figured that with only a couple pieces - I could remove the 'core', so it could be used for storing something else. It felt quite 'Batman' to have a secret inside him!

I found that it holds a USB drive easily. (LINK). As well as small keys. It seemed ideal for this cool contest - so I wrote it up to share - hope its useful, and please vote if you liked it =)

Disclosure: I do work at LEGO, but this is just done in my own time, for fun, and is not endorsed by, or associated with LEGO Group in any way. Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you leave your BitCoin codes in this ;o)

Step 1: What You Need

I find it pretty likely that if you are a LEGO fan, that you probably have these in a box somewhere, but if not, you can simply buy single pieces from Bricklink. (LINK).

Step 2: Build Your Brickheadz Figure

If you want to buy one, check this out (LINK), or of course Amazon/eBay have ones out of stock.

Step 3: Skip This Step

Keep them to one side, perhaps make something from them. :s

Step 4: Ignore Some of This

Ignore the 2x3 Plates, but do the other pieces.
As late, you are going to replace the 4x3 area, with your '1x1' and 'L's.

Step 5: The Hack

This is the level to remove and replace with these 4 bricks.

Of course other alternatives can be used, but you get the idea. Main thing is you have a 2x2 stud holed at the end.

Step 6: Nope

Don't need to do this bit either.

(Quite colourful on the inside, for something you don't see, huh!?)

Step 7: Test Fit Secret Stash

In my case, my hidden thing is a USB stick, but whatever suits you.

I liked that it seems really unlikely that someone would look in this, and you'll never lose/forget your favourite LEGO figure! Some would say, it's 'hiding in plain sight'!

As Batman would say - "You're Welcome". =)

Step 8: Does This Work on All Brickheadz?

Truth is, I've not tested it, but as LEGO provides all PDFs of their builds online, you can check before you buy:

I'm nostalgic for my childhood, so Doc & Marty were another good choice to try - and they work too - though it feels more of a lobotomy for Doc...I'm sure Christopher Lloyd would approve.

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