Introduction: LEGO Barrett .50 Cal

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In this "How To" I'll show you how I make my Barrett .50 Cal I came up with this easy design one day while fooling around. I find it to be the best looking and more realistic. Feel free to add on and make it better!

Step 1: Pieces

In order to build this gun, I suggest these pieces. I'm not the best with the names of the pieces, but below are pictures to help with recognizing what to use.

Step 2: Putting It Together

The best part about this gun is how simple it is to put together. 1) take your LEGO antenna and attach the cylinder to it (I'm not the best with the Lego lingo so bear with me. If I'm unclear, look at the pictures. )

Step 3: Making the Range Finder and Sight

2) This is also a very simple build. Take street light (in my previous set, it was a street light) and a wrench. Flip the light over and furthest hole from the larger end hole. (Again, I'm not the best with words. 3) Attach the wrench to the barrel of the rifle. Make sure that the other hole of the street light sits over the little notch on the rifles existing scope.

Step 4: Adding the Barrel to the Rifle

4) Take the X threaded barrel and put it on the rifle. It should slide right onto the pre existing rifles barrel. Make sure it slides up against the range finder wrench. 5) Take the barrel we made and slide it into the rest of the X threaded barrel. We are almost done.

Step 5: Adding the Stabilizer Leg

6) This is all about where you think it goes. Personally, I like putting it right after the rifle barrel meets the barrel we made. To do this, just put the wrench wherever you'd like.

Step 6: All Done!

You're done. That's all it took. Enjoy it. I had a great time making it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Leave a comment and suggestions on what I should do next.