Introduction: LEGO Bipod for Ipod Nano

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 I made this project a long time ago when I read a Instructables article on a Ipod holder .I thought the model was a bit to hard and to big for something easy to make , so I invented the Bipod , an Ipod holder that's basically in Ipod resting on two stilts . It's easy to make and very practical for holding your Ipod . Have fun !  

Step 1: What You Need

 This is a project made totally out of Legos . You will need for this project : 
-seven notch sticks (the long grey ones) x2
-seven hole bars (black bars) x2
-blue lock-ins (small blue sticks) x2
-5 notch stick (small grey stick)x1
-multi-attachments (small blue bars) x6
-Ipod nano (big black thing with screen and circle thing) x1 

Step 2: Making the Bipod's Stilts

 Take your 2 seven notch bars and put a small blue bar on each end of them . They need to be far enough to be able to slide in to the to black bars . This will hold your Ipod up when we add the Ipod rest to it .

Step 3: The Ipod's Rester

 This is the easiest step . Take your 5 notch stick , add 2 multi-attachments on each side , then slide a
lock-in on each side of multi-attachments . Your Bipod is almost done !

Step 4: Setting It Up

 Slide your lock-ins on the top of your Bipod stilts . Now add some scotch or glue on the rester and put it on your Ipod nano so it hides the words ''Ipod'' . Your Bipod is now done ! Just lightly pul the stilts and they will pop up like a stand . Enjoy !