Introduction: LEGO Bomber

Not as easy to build as my LEGO Missile but still fairly simple. Also note if you want to just buy the "Star Wars Assassin Droid Set"  you can. Or if you already have the set skip ahead to step 6 and 7 to make the bombs. Again be sure to notice that this is not the exact same thing as the Star Wars set I mentioned.

Step 1: Pieces Needed

Look at the picture for the pieces.

Step 2: Making the Base

Put the gray pieces next to each other then snap on the big gray piece to hold the together. Make sure that there are four studs left showing on both sides.

Step 3: Make the Front

Take the blue piece and put a handle thing on top of it. Then put the single stud piece on top of that. Then put that contraption onto the base. Make sure that you put it on the dark gray part on one of the sides. And lastly add a chair one length of studs away from the front.

Step 4: Adding on the Sides

Take the little blue pieces and put them in the double and single blocks.(See picture) Next add these pieces to both wings in the specific spote that I showed in picture 2. You can easily buy the side panels by purchasing the"Star Wars Assassin Droid Set."

Step 5: Making the Wings

Put the wierd slanted blue pieces(check picture to see what I mean) on the bendy wings. You can easily purchase the wings in the "Star Wars Assassin Droid Set".

Step 6: Making the Missiles/bombs

Take the gray sticks and put all blue heads on them. (If you want all bombs. In the picture I have 4 bombs and 2 missiles.) Or Take 3 blue heads put the on 3 of the sticks and take 3 purple missile heads and put them on other 3 sticks.   

Step 7: Making the Docks

If you dicided to use some missiles too then put them in the LEGO piece with three holes in it. If you decided only to use two missile then put them on the outside edges like in the picture. Then put a blue bomb in between them. Then fill the next dock with bombs.

Step 8: Adding the Docks

When adding the docks to the bomber make sure to put the rack that has missile in it in the front or else your plane will blow up when you fire them. If you spaced them correctly your bomber upside down should look like mine in the picture.

Step 9: Completing the Bomber

Add a chair at the back of the bomber and there should still be four studs showing.