Introduction: LEGO Car That Moves With Magnets

This is my first Instructable, so it won't be the best Instructable. Also, I apolagize for some unclear instructions you may encounter. I am getting better. I know the title sounds weird. Using magnets that repel each other, and your own lego collection, you can make a magic wand that moves a car! That is exactly what I'll be showing you now. This can be used to trick people, or just for fun. Let's get into it.

Step 1: Car: Get the Car Wheels

Get 4 lego wheels, I recommend wheels like the ones above, as single wheels are less durable.

Step 2: Car: Make the Body of the Car

It doesn't really matter how you make it, I just made mine simple, but make sure you connect all your wheels and most importantly, make a place on the back for the magnet like I did.

Step 3: Car/Wand: Get the Magnets

Lots of magnets will work. I am using magnetic rocks. This is the link to the magnetic rocks I have, but other magnets will work too. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE MAGNETS, MAKE SURE THEY CAN REPEL EACH OTHER. If they can't repel, then the car won't work.

Step 4: Car: Build the Case for the Magnet on the Car to Sit In

This will vary for the magnets you use, but the things you must have when doing this is, Make the lego piece on the left (In my picture) a 1 stud piece width. I used a 1 by 4. Also make sure the magnet can't move very much, and can't flip around to attract and not repel.

Step 5: Wand: Start Building the Wand

The wand is what you use to move the car. The part shown above is the base. Make sure it can hold the magnet with at least 1 stud on either side.

Step 6: Wand: Build a Case for Your Magnet

Build up a little case for your magnet to sit in. Make sure a piece can fit on top of the magnet. Again, make sure the magnet can't move around very much, and it can't flip to attract and not repel.

Step 7: Car/Wand: Put the Magnets in the Car and Wand.

This is important. Slide a magnet into the car case. Take your other magnet, and put it against the magnet in the case as shown. If the magnets connect, flip the other magnet around so it repels. Find the side that repels like I did. Then, take the side that repels the car magnet, and put it face up in the wand case like I did.

Step 8: Wand: Cover the Magnet

Put another piece, the same exact size as the base, on top. If it doesn't fit, build up more so it does fit. Make sure the magnet isn't jutting out at all. Again, make sure the magnet can't flip.

Step 9: Test the Wand

Before we go any further, test the wand. Put the side with studs on it to the back of the car like shown. If the car and wand try to push each other away, that means it is working. If it tries to attract each other, flip one of the magnets around. If they don't attract or repel, try a hard surface. If it still doesn't work, you need some stronger magnets.

Step 10: Wand: Start Building the Handle.

Put a piece like shown above across the entire wand to make it durable. This will prevent it from breaking apart when you hold it.

Step 11: Wand: Build the Handle So You Can Hold It.

Build more like shown, so it's easy and comfortable to hold. Also make sure it stays together when you hold it. If it doesn't, add more sturdier pieces to the wand.

Step 12: Car: Seal the Car Magnet Off.

Put a piece on top of the magnet piece like I did to seal the magnet off. The magnet shouldn't be able to come out. Make sure the wand and magnet repel.

Step 13: DONE! Put It on a Hard Surface and Try It Out!

Put your car on a hard surface. Put the stud part of your wand, like I did, to the back of the car. The car should move forward. If it does, YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!! If it doesn't, flip one of the magnets around. You can use this to troll people, or just for fun. Enjoy!

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