Introduction: LEGO Device Charger Base

This is a charger base for your devices (such as phones, tablets, wireless headphones, etc.) built mostly from LEGOs. The instructions are broken down into 4 parts, the power strip, the stand, cord hooks, and the stand base.


1 power strip

Chargers for your devices (I’m designing for two, so two chargers)

1 32x32 stud baseplate (15x15 inches)

LEGO bricks (specifics in the next step)

Step 1: The LEGO Bricks

There are a lot of LEGO bricks and plates needed for this. I have broken down the needed pieces for each part in the attached images. Note that the needed bricks are very flexible (especially in part 4). As long as you build a similar structure, the specifics do not matter too much.

Step 2: Part 1: Power Strip.

Lay out the power strip close to the edge of the baseplate

Step 3:

Get 6 2x4 bricks, and create 2 even stacks of 3

Step 4:

Then, take 2 2x4 plates and 2 1x4 plates. Stack one 1x4 on each 2x4. Then stack them on the 2x4 brick stack

Step 5:

Then, place those two stacks on the sides of the front end of the power strip.

Step 6:

Take 2 2x8 plates and stack them on top of the brick stacks over the power strip.

Step 7:

Take 2 1x10 bricks and 2 1x12 bricks. Build one of each type on each side of the power strip

Step 8: Part 2: the Stand

Get 52 2x4 bricks, in 2 different colors, 26 for each color.

Get 2 2x10 bricks in 2 different colors, 1 for each color

Get 4 2x2 bricks in 2 different colors, 2 for each color.

Then, create 4 equal stacks of 13 with the 2x4 bricks, 2 stacks for each color.

Step 9:

Attach a 2x4 to opposing ends of the stacks, like the picture.

Step 10:

Using the 2x10s, create a bridge between the two columns for each color, Stack them on the baseplate 9 studs away from the power strip.

Step 11: Part 3: Hooks

Next, we will build the hooks to hold the charger cord. You need 4 2x2 plates with hooks, and 8 2x2 plates.

Step 12:

Create 4 stacks of 2 2x2 plates

Step 13:

Join the plates and hook plates, but in 2 different formats. In Format 1, stack the plates ABOVE the hook. In Format 2, stack the plates UNDER the hook. Hold on to the hooks, we’ll come back to them in Part 4

Step 14: Part 4: the Base

The base is relatively straightforward, but you can use a variety of parts for it. The base will need to be 12x14 studs, with no back except for the stand we just built. Feel free to use whatever parts you have for this.

Build the first of three layers. It should look like this:

Step 15:

Built the second of three layers. It’ll be the same as the first one, however, on the right side, leave a 1x2 space open for one of the hooks.

Step 16:

Fill the 1x2 space with the Format 1 hook stack, where the hook plate is lower. It should look like this:

Step 17:

Create the third layer the same way as the second, however, space it out in such a way that this 1x2 slot is not directly above the previous one.

Step 18:

Use the remaining hooks to fill in the 1x2 slot.

Step 19:

Create a fourth layer with plates on the left and right ends, but not the front end. It should look like this.

Step 20:

Finally, grab 2 4x4 plates and 2 1x4 bricks.

Step 21:

Stack a brick on each plate, with one stud of distance from one end and three on the other. They should look like this:

Step 22:

Place them on the front edge. There should be a 2x2 space for the charger.

Step 23: Voila! You're Done!