Introduction: LEGO Guns

Making three cool and fun LEGO guns by my own design is easy. Best to use Duplo Legos for the first two though.

To make these Legos, you will need:

- A lot of 2x4
- Duplo Legos (optional)
- Some 2x3 and 2x2
- 2x8
- 2x10

Step 1: The Pistol/Handgun

This one was the fastest, simplest, and easiest to construct. First start out with a 2x2 brick. Then Stack two more of the same color and size on top of it, so you have three 2x2 bricks. Next place a 2x8 brick on top of the 2x2 stack like shown in the pictures below. Last we make the ammunition cartridge. To do this place a grey or black 2x2 brick behind your stack. That's the pistol or handgun.

Step 2: A Gun to Hold

This was another quick build I did but it was a little harder to make than the pistol. Start out by taking a 2x8 plate and placing a 2x4 brick on the back of it. Then place another 2x4 brick on top of that. Stack a 2x6 brick on top of that, as in the picture. On the other end of the 2x8 plate, stack 2 2x2 bricks on top of each other. Next, place a 2x4 brick centered on the 2x2 stack, so that the 2x4 brick touches the 2x6. Connect the 2x4 and the 2x6 brick by stacking a 2x3 brick on top. Then, add a 2x8 at the front of the 2x3 brick. This is the foundation for the muzzle of your LEGO gun. Add a supporting 2x4 brick underneath the 2x8 brick for stability. Add another 2x4 brick in front of the first one, to extend the front of the gun. On top of the 2x4 brick, add one more 2x2 brick. Behind the first 2x3 brick place another 2x3. On the very back of your LEGO gun put a 2x2 brick on it. For the handle stack 4 2x4 bricks and connect them to the gun like shown.

Step 3: Mini Sniper Rifle

Note:everything you do is upside-down and follow the pictures. Start by making a stack of four 2x2 bricks. Then put a 2x10 brick on top of that. Two studs  from the 2x2 stack put a 2x2 on the 2x10 brick. Next get a 2x8 plate and place the on the 2x2 on the 2x10. In-between the 2x10 and 2x8 put another 2x10 brick between them 2 studs in. Underneath my red 2x10 put another 2x8 plate. Then put two 2x1 bricks on the 2x8 plates like shown in the picture. On the 2x1 bricks place a 2x4 brick. That's the ammo cartridge. Next put a 2x4 plate in front of the 2x10 on the top of the gun, this is your loading thing. Last put a 2x4 brick on the very front of the gun with two 2x1 bricks on the side of it. Hope your happy with your results.

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1 year ago

very simple dude keep up the good work


8 years ago on Introduction

i will give u a subjestion which is it would be easier for the builders if they knew exactly how much bricks required besides the colors amounts for the patterns but rather a total