LEGO (Heartlake) City Playmat

Introduction: LEGO (Heartlake) City Playmat

My two daugthers love the Lego Friends series. It keeps them busy for hours. The only problem is that they don't want to break down their city when they are done for the day. This leaves us with a full dining table, with no room to have diner.

One part of the Lego Friends series is the Heartlake City Playmat. With a pretty city layout of green grass, streets and scenic Lake Heart, printed on a laminated cardboard playmat.

Unfortunately this is a retired product.

With two unused IKEA desks and some old LEGO baseplates, it was time to create our own LEGO Heartlake City playmat.

Step 1: City Plan

Materials used:

  • 2 x IKEA Galant table tops (160 x 80 centimeter)
  • Green Paint, Gray paint, Blue Paint, Yellow paint
  • LEGO baseplates (paint all roads)
    You can buy new and used LEGO bricks and baseplates at
    For example, Baseplate road green (Used €3 each) or green baseplates 16x16 (Used $1 each)
  • Double sided adhesive tape

The first step is to create the layout for the city. A real city needs the following facilities:

  • Streets
  • City square
  • Parking
  • Green park
  • Harbor
  • Beach

The plan I made gives several options:

  • One big square (160 x 160 cm)
  • Two LEGO Friends cities
  • A long (shopping) street (320 x 80 cm)
  • A hook with connecting streets (240 x 160 cm)

Step 2: Create and Build

Next step is painting the water, streets and grass.

Last step is attaching the LEGO to the plates. Don't use glue. Use double sided adhesive tape instead.

Finally, find a place where the kids can play with their creations. Without breaking down the city when they are done for the day.

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