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Introduction: LEGO Hey Arnold! Sculpture

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Want to build your own replica of my original LEGO sculpture of Nickelodeon's Arnold? Check out this simple guide, including the LEGO Digital Design files, the parts list, and video rider to help you through the build process.

This was originally built by me in spring 2017, and later in fall 2018 I slightly improved the design by making Arnold's neck stronger, so that his head can be rotated without falling off. Some of the obstacles might include obtaining the proper pieces, as the medium azure blue for Arnold's body is a rare color. Otherwise, everything else should be streamlined; definitely watch the YouTube video to get an idea of the build process. According to my 3-D digital guide, there are 395 pieces, however your outcome might vary depending on any substitutions you've made.

Step 1: LEGO Digital Designer & Parts List

  • Download LEGO Digital Designer (freeware software from LEGO Group). Please note: it's to my recent knowledge that LEGO Group is soon discontinuing this software, and thus the latest version has glitches and certain pieces missing. Regardless, my Arnold file loads perfectly fine. For now, the company still allows you to download LDD for free and run on it both mac and PC.
  • Download my Arnold LEGO Digital Design file from my website.
  • Please refer to my website's parts list for additional help. On the website link, navigate with the arrows on the bottom to the final step to see the complete list of parts with quantities.
  • Purchase LEGO pieces by type/shape/color from (assuming you require new parts).

If you've viewed the parts list from my HTML site, take a note of what pieces you need to obtain, then purchase additional LEGO bricks from the aforementioned BrickLink link. BrickLink is a great online resource for purchasing LEGO pieces, which are each cataloged by shape, year, color, type, et cetera. I get most of my pieces from this site, and I only buy the specific parts I need. This project contains just under 400 parts total if built according to my guide.

If you open up the LDD file I created, navigate to the step-by-step build guide in the far top right corner. This generates a an easy 3-D guide that shows you each part being added one at a time.

Step 2: Troubleshooting

Compared to my other projects, this construction is simple in most parts, and doesn't require a whole lot of unorthodox construction techniques like my LEGOformers. The legs, body, and arms are straightforward, and the only real challenges arise in the design of the head and hair.

The hair is kind of wild and requires dozens of small slope pieces. Due to the arbitrary nature of Arnold's hair, this final step doesn't necessarily have to be followed verbatim, and can deviate a bit depending on what pieces you have access to.

Also as mentioned previously, Arnold's torso is made of medium azure blue pieces, which are kind of a rare and expensive color. It's because of this that you'll notice why I chose to make some unusual choices for placing tiles and slopes in certain areas, as I had to make use with what was available.

If you have any questions or comments with this design, feel free to let me know. Otherwise, have fun building, and don't try to stress yourself out!

-Baron von Brunk

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