Introduction: LEGO Man Costume

This is my first instructable so I apologize if its long winded but I'll do my best to explain :)

Step 1: Planning!! and Supplies

I used a combo of tutorials and inspiration from Pinterest and Instructables to come up with my plan. My biggest concern was keeping the costume in the right proportions. You'll find the head piece made from styrofoam rings or cement forming tubes. I chose to use the tube bc I figured it'd have a smoother finish and be less mess.
Things you'll need:
12-inch concrete forming tube (Home Depot)
2 12-inch smooth/rounded foam wreaths
White see-through speaker fabric
Sheets of yellow craft foam
Yellow plastic electrical tape (yellow duct tape didn't quite match my foam, the electrical tape was a perfect match)
Cardboard for body
Styrofoam for hats and hands
Kozies (those beer can sleeves)
Spray glue
Masking tape
Duct tape
Scissors/styrofoam cutters/paint

Step 2: Making the Head

Cut a 9 inch tall piece from your concrete forming tube.

Tape on the foam wreaths, one on each end.

Cut mouth hole. Plan for a large open mouth, so you can see out of it.

Add a cardboard circle to the top to close it off. I then cut an inner circle into the middle of the cardboard top for ventilation (these things get hot). Cut a 2-inch strip of yellow foam and join ends to make a circle. Insert in top hole and tape in place. This creates that nub on top but also keeps the hole open.

Cover mouth hole with speaker fabric.

Draw faces onto yellow craft foam. Attach to tube with spray adhesive. Cover seams and rounded edges with yellow tape. (I originally used yellow duct tape but it didn't match well enough so I went back over with the electrical tape)

**The mouths were about 2 inches from bottom of head. I free handed the faces but you could find printables and blow them up to the correct size.

Step 3: Hats

The fireman hat was made by stacking and glue-ing layers of styrofoam and carving into the right shape. It was covered with red duct tape and then I used black tape to add details.

And I'm not really sure how I made the police hat. That just kind of happened and I didn't get any pictures of the process!

Step 4: Bodies

I was able to make two kid-size bodies out of one "extra large" box from Home Depot. I ended up not making the bump out on the body as I has originally planned bc I was running out of time. Measure and cut your pieces. Join together with masking tape. You can paint over it. I painted mine first, then taped together and touched up the paint. For the top piece I cut about a 7 1/2 inch circle for the head and screwed in a ring of styrofoam covered in tape for the head to rest on. I added dowels and Velcro to help keep the head in place.

I wanted to make legs but didn't get that far and it was hard enough for the kids to walk in already.

Step 5: Hands

Stack and glue styrofoam so it's about 5 or 6 inches thick. It needs to be thicker than your koozie. Cut into a "c" shape. Cut open bottom of koozie for hands to slip through. Cut hole in center for the koozie to slide into. Tape it up! Honestly I didn't take my time and make these as nicely as i could have but I needed to do them fast so there ya go.

You may want to add some foam padding to the underside of the piece that rests on the shoulders. These are heavy for kids to wear. My almost 7-yr old was ok but my 4-yr old was not so happy wearing it. We carried his head and hands most of the time.