Introduction: LEGO Mini-figure T-Shirt Transfer Plus Free Printables

Check out the video to see the full process!

Step 1: Cut Out Pictures

First of all, you'll need to find some pictures you want to use to fill the lego man with. I used spare Lego Create the World cards and cut out the lego characters.

Step 2: Print Out the Lego Man

Print out the lego man, you can find the printables' here, there's an A4 & A5 version. You can also find my t-shirt transfer if you would like to print that out and use it.

Cut out the inside of the black lines of the lego man, so it's almost like you're making a stencil. Cut out the eyes, mouth and eyebrows and set aside too. You can then either print out another lego man picture or use the one you just cut out and draw around the shape onto another piece of paper or card. This will be the guide for where to stick the pictures down. If this seems confusing and you haven't already watched the video, please do so by clicking here as it will make more sense.

Step 3: Stick Your Pictures Down

You can now start sticking the pictures down onto the outline picture of the lego man, that you either printed out or drew with the aid of the stencil. Remember any pictures that go over the outline will not be seen on the finished transfer.

Step 4: Stick the Stencil On

Stick the lego man stencil onto the collage and use a yellow felt tip or pencil to fill in any gaps. Don't forget to stick the facial features down too!

Step 5: Scan & Print

Scan your picture to a computer or alternatively take a good quality photo and send it to a computer. Make sure to mirror the image so that when the transfer is ironed on, it shows the correct way round. Print out onto t-shirt transfer paper according to the instructions.

Step 6: Cut Out and Iron On

Cut out the lego man figure and then iron on to your desired item of clothing, I bought a plain t-shirt for mine.

You can transfer onto most items of clothing or even things like tote bags, have fun and don't forget to follow me for more creative DIYs.