Introduction: LEGO Potted Plants

Make some LEGO bonsai potted plants.

I'm not very good at keeping plants and these ones don't need any watering. Also, this was an excuse to use tiny, cute terracotta flower plots.

Materials needed:

  • LEGO flowers
  • Tiny flower pots (1.5 cm diameter)
  • Floral foam
  • Hobby knife

Step 1: Prepare the Pots

The inpiration for this came from those tiny terracotta flower pots I found at a craft store.
The ones I used had a diameter of only 1.5 cm at the top.
Using a hobby knife cut a square of floral foam, slightly smaller than the pot. Shape it into a conical form to fit the pot. It really doesn't have to be very exact, the foam is very forgiving.
Push the foam into the pot, making sure to leave a few millimeters of space.

Step 2: Plant the Flowers

Select the flowers you want to plant. I went for both the old style of LEGO plants as well as the new one.

Press the flowers firmly into the foam. The foam will hold them in place.

Enjoy your flowers that won't wilt!