Introduction: LEGO Raspberry Pi Zero Case

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We were looking for an easy way to integrate a Raspberry Pi Zero into LEGO builds. There are some LED brick choices on the market but none worked for us either due to limitations in use, power or features. The Pi offers all of these in a small format including WiFi & Bluetooth!

Step 1: Cut the Bricks

Using a rotary tool, we cut small incisions in the side of the white bricks. Just enough to hold the Pi Zero W in place.

Step 2: Remove Pins Where Needed to Allow Cables Access

Make sure to cut with blade facing away from you to avoid injury.

Step 3: Assemble the Pi and Enjoy!

Once you are satisfied with the case and air circulation between the Pi and the LEGO bricks. You can place the micro controller inside your build and start building around it as needed.


Step 4: Materials

Two 6X10 LEGO Plate/Element ID: 4211405 Design ID: 3033

Four 1X1 Brick/Element ID: 4211389 Design ID: 3005

One Raspberry Pi Zero W

Rotary cutting tool

Safety glasses

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