Introduction: LEGO Sorting...

My name is Wesley. I am the youngest of 5 brothers. My oldest bother is turning 20 this year - and since he turned 4, all the brothers and I have gotten Lego sets for birthdays and Christmas. That is a LOT of Legos.

Step 1: Start Sorting

After all of our many Lego kits got made, sat on the shelf to enjoy for a little while... they eventually got broken down and added to the piles of Legos. Our Lego piles (because of the hundreds of past kits) were put into big plastic storage tubs from Walmart. These are great - but are hard to find "just the right piece." So, I had an idea... Rather than 6 storage boxes of exploded rainbow colored blocks - why not sort them based on color!

I dumped ALL the boxes in the middle of my room - and began to divide out the LEGOS.

Step 2: Colors

I did warm colors first (red, orange and yellow).

Then I did cool colors (blue, green, tan and brown).

Then I did neutrals (black, white and gray).

... but I did not stop there!

Step 3: Fun Pieces

Outside of basic color sorting, the thing that the brothers and I like to find are the special pieces. For us (especially me) those pieces are the clear plastic (for windows, doors, cockpits, etc), plants, and mini-figures & their accesories. So, I sorted all those into 3 different boxes.

Step 4: Table to Build On

Legos value is not just about having them sorted - but sorting them so they are easier to build with. We have a table with large flat sheets (stuck together) to build on.This makes a GREAT place to bring our ideas to life. Before the LEGO movies ever came out, my brothers and I called the table Lego city.

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