Introduction: LEGO Tablet Holder

This is a simple LEGO model to fasten a tablet to the side of a bedside cabinet - as shown here - to help you live in the future as soon as possible!

Step 1: Make the Edges

The base of the tablet will sit in between two of these U-shaped brackets. Use at least two connector pegs to ensure the bricks won't twist out of shape. This is the left hand side, since the longer brick is the back support, and you want this closer to the centre of the tablet as possible.

Also note the rods with brushes, this also the edge piece to slide in and out, to accommodate longer tablets.

Sometimes, if you have a fatter/thicker tablet, you will need to use L pieces with 4 holes on the bottom (instead of the 3 I've used) to ensure there's room.

Repeat this for a right hand version, too.

Step 2: The Struts

Build two vertical struts, each with two bricks shown above. (Four total)

Step 3: Mount the Struts

Fix the edges to the struts, then drill two pilot holes for the screws, then screw the struts into the bedside table.

TIP: Do the top one first, you can let it hang down to ensure it's straight.

Step 4: Strengthen the Struts adding a second brick nearer the bottom, and screwing this to the drawers, also.

Step 5: Tidy Up

  • Add thin pads over each screw head to stop it scratch the tablet
  • Add blu-tack over the top screw head, or pad, to stick the top of the tablet to the mount. Repeated pressing means any small gap between tablet and lego would become annoying to use, and reduce the stability of the mount.
  • Place black tape over the power LED, and the camera.
  • Run the power cable

Step 6: Et Voila!

Slide the tablet into place, adding more padding over the screw heads if necessary, and push firmly against the blu-tac so that it sits firmly in position, and doesn't rock as you use the tablet.

The software I'm using to control the house is called Minerva (, and the wallpaper is an LCARS image I found online. The clock is an Android applet called LCARS clock, or similar.

Final words - when deciding on the mounting position, I've chosen to place it slightly belong to the top of the drawers so it doesn't get knocked by things placed on top. Also, the power cable is top left. I'd rather it be bottom right, but then the edges would be pressed up against the on/off button, and volume controls, which I didn't want. Test the position by laying in bed and checking you can see it effectively, and you can reach it. If you're likely to change beds often, then height of the tablet, relative to the bed, needs to be guestimated.

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