Introduction: LG G4 Bootloop Fix | How I Unbricked It.

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  1. First, remove all the screws holding the plastic covering.
  2. There are 11 screws in total.
  3. See step by step video below

LG G4 Bootloop Fix

Step 1: Use Soft Plastic Tool

Next, use a soft plastic tool to pry open the G4.

These tools allow you to open without scratching or damaging the device's edges

Step 2: Remove All Connectors

Next, disconnect all connectors.

There are 3:

  1. USB Port
  2. Rear Camera
  3. Front Camera

Step 3: Remove the Board

Remove the entire circuit board from the plastic casing.

This is quite easy after you have disconnected all the connectors.

Just use the same plastic tool to first lift an edge.

Then remove the heat shield.

Step 4: Apply Heat to the Chipset

Finally, use a blow dryer/hair dryer to apply heat to the processor for approximately 10 minutes.

After this, put your G4 back together and test.

If after trying this your G4 still remains bricked, not to worry, just repeat the process. It took me a few trials.

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