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Introduction: LG Rumor UX260 LCD Replacement

In this instructable I will show the process of how I replaced a broken LCD on an LG Rumor/Scoop (UX260) phone.

A word to the wise, if you keep your phone in your pocket, do not put all your weight onto it when climbing over a cement wall onto a roof...

Step 1: Parts and Tools

To complete the replacement of the LCD is actually a fairly straightforward process and requires very little in the way of tools and parts.

You will need:
A #0 (tiniest) Philips head screwdriver
A prying tool (small flathead screwdriver)
Replacement LCD screen for an LG Rumor.

All I needed was a jeweller's/precision screwdriver set and the replacement LCD. Replacement LCDs can be purchased online at electronics components retailers or on auction site such as eBay. It would probably also reasonable to buy a broken Rumor with an intact LCD second-hand and pirate it for the part. This can be done on classified ads websites such as Kijiji and Craigslist.

Step 2: Prepare for Disassembly

To prepare for disassembly, first remove the battery and SD card.

Step 3: Disassemble the Casing

Now will remove the plastic outer casing of the phone.

First remove the screws holding the back plate in place. There are six in total; you will have to remove the two plastic plugs covering the two (hidden) screws at the top of the phone.
Keep the screws in a safe place.

It also a good idea to keep track of what screws go where (as I did not...) when doing a repair of this type, as subtle differences in the length and size of screws (which appear to be the same) may matter.

After all the screws have been safely removed, snap apart the two faces of the plastic casing. This is done by inserting the prying tool into the groove between the two sides of the casing at various points and prying the casing apart. Be careful not to damage it.

Also be careful as the sticker will need to be peeled slowly off the metal underneath. This definitely means the warranty is being voided, but I'm pretty sure we already covered that by cracking the LCD....

Step 4: Remove the Motherboard

The next step is to separate the motherboard from the front of the phone.

First remove the screws holding down the board, located next to the camera near the top of the phone and opposite the SD card slot. Then pry up the motherboard using your prying tool. There are plastic snaps holding the board in place which need be pushed aside or have the board forced past them.

Next, lift the board from the front casing and separate the ribbon cable by (carefully!) prying the connectors apart.

Take the motherboard off the front half of the phone and set it aside.

Step 5: Remove Keyboard Faceplate From the Slider Mechanism

Next the middle section must be removed from the sliding mechanism.

First remove the plastic keyboard skin and set it aside.

Next remove the three screws attaching the middle section / keyboard faceplate to slider mechanism. Make note of where each screw goes and set them aside safely with the other screws.

The ribbon cable must be passed through the slot in the faceplate before the latter can be removed. This requires some care (and wiggling).

Remove the faceplate and set it aside.

Step 6: Disassemble the Front Half

Next the front section of the phone must be disassembled.

Remove the four screws located at the four corners of the section. Two have plastic coverings which must be peeled off using a prying or scraping tool.

Next carefully separate the two sections, as done before, by prying them apart at the crack/seam along the side (this should be done at several spots around the edge until the plastic sections snap apart).

Step 7: Remove the Broken LCD

Finally we will remove the broken LCD component.

Remove the metallic sticky tape connecting the back of the LCD to the controller board (for grounding?).

Remove the LCD component from the controller board by gently pulling and wiggling the ribbon cable out from the beige connector (see photo).

Step 8: Insert Replacement LCD

Install the replacement LCD by carefully pushing the ribbon cable back into the connector on the board. Replace the sticky coverings and ensure the toggle buttons sit properly in their holder.

Step 9: Reassemble Phone

Now reassemble the phone as best you can by reversing steps 6 to 2. 

Reattach the other plastic section of the front half of the phone by screwing it back into place.

Attach the keyboard faceplate section by screwing it back onto the metal plate attached to the sliding mechanism. You will again need to pass the ribbon cable through the small slot near the corner of the phone. Put the gel skin for the keyboard back into place.

Next reattach the motherboard to the ribbon cable. I found this to be the most difficult part of the whole repair. Pushing down gently on the back of the end the ribbon cable with your prying tool may help. Once the board is back in place, replace the plastic buttons for the photo and volume buttons. and ensure everything sits properly.

Replace the plastic backing and screws. Reinsert the battery by sliding it into place.

Step 10: Pray and Power On


Now hold down end call button to power up the phone. If all has gone well, you phone should have a new lease on life!

Hope you enjoyed the instructable. Comments are welcome.

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