Introduction: LIFESIZE Southpark Characters

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Build your favorite Southpark Character's from the t.v. show and Numerous video games such as "Chef's Luv Shack" " Tenormans Revenge" and another one coming out in the second half of 2012 " SouthPark- The Game" 
yet again i have only a few pictures on these projects so i will try and explain best i can, 
these are big, Cartman especially. they measure as follows ;
Cartman- 33 1/4"X 28 1/8"
Kenny- 19 3/8"X 27 1/2"
Kyle- 22 5/8"X 26 1/8"
Stan- 18 5/8"X 27 1/4"
Ike- 9 3/4"X 15 1/4"

For this project you will need

- sharpie
- posterboard
-If you dont have a good eye or cant draw, you will need a overhead projector in which you print out a copy of whom ever you want to make on a transparency, and then project it to the size you want
- Overhead Projector
- scissors
- transparency sheets

- Paint( spraypaint or whatever your most comfortable with
- 4-5 sheets of 1/4 inch plywood.
- glue

- Scrroll Saw
- JigSaw

Step 1: Blue Prints

For This, the blue print was drawn out, and numberd, the numbers represent which layer that piece will be,
for cartman,  the first layer is cartmans complete shape, 
the second layer will be his shoes his face and his shirt
the third layer his eyes hands and toque, and the forth layer will be the pom pom and edge 


i just made 4 rectangles of 1/4" plywood and clamped them together, then traced my blue print on the wood, 
then using the layers and the numbers, cut the right parts out of the right layers
sand sand sand, it takes alot and alot of sanding but all worth it, 
once sanded using spray paint or whatever you want, paint all the peices the right color and once drie
clamp together, allow to dry and your done 

Step 3: Your Done!!

Enjoy putting these wherever youd like, make all the character, or just make your favorite
i know i dont have alot of photo's however it is not a difficult concept. if you have any questions please ask. 

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