Halloween is here! and you want to dress up as your favorite video game character which just happens to be...The Sackboy!!
you look online for a DIY sackboy costume but you find nothing, you are depressed, but have no fear, I am here with the greatest sackboy costume EVER CREATED!!!!!! probably. This is a fairly simple project but the outcome is awesome. So have your shopping list ready and lets get to it!!LITTLE BIG PLANET SACKBOY COSTUME


THESE are most of the material you will need some of thins stuff you can switch out but this is what I used:
-Duck tape
-Clear tape
-Electrical tape(optional, if you can find something that is shiny, black and circular)
-brown yarn
-tin foil
-Zap Straps
-brown/black face paint
-two brown knitted sweaters(only one with zipper(or no zippers at all))
-base-ball hat
-big basket
-big sheet of cardboard

Step 2: Break the Basket

Take the basket and bend the handle down so that it stays on an angle. The angle depends on how big you want your smile to be. Once you have bent it down and it stays, duck tape the part where the handle connects to the basket.(the Handle will break a bit so don't be frustrated of you break it, but don't snap it right off). After you have done that you can start to connect the hat. When I did it I started just duck taping it to the rim. That did not work, so I bought a bunch of zap straps, first I put one through the top of the basket and the top of the hat,(make sure the rim of the hat is over the rim of the basket and touching it) then I put another zap straps through the visor and through the basket again.

Step 3: Make the Mouth

next take the cardboard and cut a strip out, the size of the strip should be in accordance to how big you want your smile to be. The bigger the strip of cardboard the smaller the smile. wrap the cardboard around the bent basket handle make sure that all of the cardboard is covering the handle and it is all touching. then tape the cardboard to the basket on the ends of the cardboard. It will take a lot of tape!!

Step 4: Cut the Sweater

Next you need to take your sweater and cut the arms, and neck off so that the center part is all even. Then drape the sweater over the basket with the neck part over the top of the basket. squeeze the two parts of the ripped sweater together and sew them together. after you do that the sweater should be covering the whole basket and look like the head of a sackboy without the eyes or mouth.

Step 5: Fold the Mouth

Next you have to cut a line through the center of the mouth, fold the top half up so the rim of the basket is rounded, duck tape it there. fold the bottom half down so that the cardboard piece (the mouth) is rounded, duck tape it there along with the bottom part that is hanging over the basket handle, fold that up and duck tape them both together.

Step 6: Use the Tape!!!

Next take the duck tape, pull about two inches off, cut it in half, long ways place them around the top of the head so that it looks like staples. then take the electrical tape and cut the pieces so that they slowly get smaller, place them above the mouth so that they look like eyes. cut out more duck tape and cut it in half just as you did with the previous ones. Line them up along the second sweaters zipper so that it looked like a super sized zipper. make sure they go all the way to the bottom of the sweater.

Step 7: The Zipper!!!!

Now it is time to make...THE GIGANTIC ZIPPER!!!!!!! take the piece of cardboard and trace out the curved shape of a zipper as shown below in the pictures. draw a circle at the bottom of the zipper that is not touching the edge of the zipper. cut the whole zipper out along with the circle. cover the whole zipper with one big piece of tin foil. wrap it around both sides of the cardboard and duck tape the two sides together at the back. make sure to cut a hole one the tin foil and wrap some around the circle. Press the tin foil tight against the cardboard after the zipper looks good, take a zap strap and poke a hole in the top of the zipper, run the zap strap through the top of the sweater, back out and through the zipper again.

Step 8: The Pants!!

For the pants I just wore my jeans, but if you have something better like brown sweat pants or some kind of knitted pants by all means use those! For my shoes I jut wore regular shoes, but again, if you have brown shoes or want to go all out and make knitted feet for your costume go ahead!! Use your imagination with this costume, add what you feel needs to be added, you can do anything, its your costume now!!!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Very creative, I love it, although to make it a bit better, I'd recommend wearing a tighter sweater maybe?


    10 years ago on Introduction

    How mush did this cost to make?
    Please Respond please!
    Also, I hope this creative costume wins the contest!