Introduction: LIY Importing Images From Thingiverse Into Tinkercad

Hello everyone! This is a simple tutorial on how to import images from Thingiverse to Tinkercad

Step 1: Tinkercad

First log into your Tinkercad account

Step 2: Thingiverse

In a separate tab, open "Thingiverse"

Step 3: Search Bar

Find the search bar at the top right corner of the Thingiverse homepage. Next enter a word or multiple words that pertain to your idea/ object

Step 4: Vase

Let's say I search "vase."

Step 5: Selection

The image of this vase stands out to me. So, I decide that this is the image I want to import into Tinkercad!

Step 6: Download Files

Along the horizontal bar below the photos of the image, there are multiple options (thing details, thing files, apps, comments, made, collections, remixes). Select "thing files." Download all files by clicking on:

1. Twisted_Vase_Basic. stl



Step 7: Save As

After downloading the STL files, save them to your computer!

Step 8: Create New Design

Now that you've finished saving STL files to your computer, go back to Tinkercad. On the homepage of Tinkercad there will be an option to select "create new design." Click on it!

Step 9: Workplane

This is where you will import the downloaded STL files

Step 10: Import

On the right hand side of the page, you will see brightly colored shapes, the workplane/ ruler tool, and above that import/ export/ share. Click on import!

Step 11: Choose a File

Next, you will "choose a file"

Step 12: Import 3D Shape

Lastly, select the blue import button!

Step 13: Finished Product

Voila! You have successfully imported STL files from Thingiverse into Tinkercad