Introduction: LOCKER

This instructable will show you how build LOCKER, an Raspberry Pi based, RFID and keypad operated attendance system. The concept is simple, scan to unlock the door. In case you forget your card you could use the keypad to enter your 4 digit passcode wich is unique for each user.

If you enter the IP - shown on the device when you power it on - in your browser, the website will open up. You can see if the door is open or closed, who were all the people that opened and closed the door and the users. If you enter the master password you can get a number that you need to fill in on the registration form on the site. This will add a new user to the system and give that user a unique 4 digit password.

This project was made by Jonas De Meyer @ Howest Kortrijk, 1MCT (Media and Communication Technology).

Step 1: Materials

This is everything I bought to create this project. It's a relatively cheap project, I tried to make it as recreatable as possible. The housing I made from some multiplex and some scrap pieces I had laying around.

It's completely fine to order your parts from AliExpress if you have the time and patience for it as the delivery could take a while but it's a good way to keep everything low-cost.


  • Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • SC card 16GB (minimum)
  • MFRC RFID reader
  • 4x3 numerical keypad
  • LCD 16x2 I2C
  • female to female jumper wires
  • TIP 122 transistor
  • 2x470 Ohm resistors
  • Velleman VMA431 electromagnet


  • Screws
  • multiplex
  • hot glue
  • patience :)

Step 2: Connections

Connect the wires as above. You can see an electrical circuit in the fritzing file. it's not so complicated to understand if you have a basic knowledge of transistors.

Step 3: The Code

You can find the all of the source code with all the documentation on how to use it on my GitHub

Step 4: The Case

First off we start off by make a sketch of how we want the case to look like.

Then I cut some multiplex as a "layer" for the wannabe door.

Make sure you measure the sizes of your components so it all fits inside it.

The case can actualy be whatever you want it to be. I just happened to chose a door but you can make some nicer things if you are a little creative