LOG's Cap Hanger



Introduction: LOG's Cap Hanger

The dimension: Width 7 x Height 16 x Length 54 centimeters.

Hello, this project I will try to make a Cap Hanger. For me, I wear cap almost every day. But I don’t have a place to hang it. I use the S hook and hung on the paper tower holder in front of the door. It’s a mess in front of the door. My concept is to bring something from the nature and useless materials to redesign into something cool. So, I design the new LOG Cap Hanger that made from the old log and dried out color markers. It’s easy to make and very simple to use. It’s look good for decoration and functional as well.

Supplies that you need to do the LOG Cap Hanger’s project.

1. Old log (Any kind, not too big).

2. Dried out color markers.

3. Small picture frame brackets and screws.

Step 1: Cut the Log and Prepare

First cut the log to the length that you need, I cut at 54 centimeters. In order to cut the log in the middle, you need to make some kind of rail with plywood, so the log will not twist when you cut (And make sure that you look at the log carefully, of which side you will use before you attach the plywood rail). In this case the blade on the table saw will not raised up that high, so I need to cut the log twice. I need to use the band saw to continue to cut the log. When I finished split the log, as you know the piece is not even, I need to sand it, to make it flat and even. When you mounted it on the wall, it will look good and flat.

Step 2: Drill the Hole on the Log

Now is the time to drill. First get the drill bit the same size of the color markers, so it will fit. You can use all sizes: pencil, marker, pen, and others (And make sure about the size of the drill bit). For me, I use hand drill by adjust the angle on the log with some reference of the adjustable triangle on the side. You should drill at least 1 inch or more in depth. You can use the masking tape to tape at the drill bit. Before you drill, make sure that the dimensions are correct. The last thing is to attach the hanging brackets at the back of the log (And you should draw the line on the back of the log before you drill and attach the brackets).

Step 3: Cut Dried Color Markers and Attach

Get all the dried out color marker and selected the color that you want (It can be any colors). First take the tip of the color marker and the inside out. Then you use the cutter cut off at the angle on the color markers, so it will go in the hole on the log easy. Now try to attach all color markers on the log. After that I drill 2 screws on top of the door and then put the log’s bracket on top of the screws. That it, now I can hang all my caps.

Special thanks to: Mr. Sakorn

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