Cute Wall Decoration

Introduction: Cute Wall Decoration

Whether you need to cover an empty space on your wall, or your teen wants to re-vamp her binder or her school locker, all you need is...this set of letters, made with LOVE.

These letters are made of thin cardboard covered with fabric.

Step 1: Materials

The measurements of these letters are 4 x 4 inches (10x10 cm)

Materials I used:

Some square pieces of fabric ( I used an old pant and I cut 4 squares, each 4.5 x 4.5 inches.)

Quad paper sheets for drawing the letters.

4 square pieces of thin cardboard (I used the backside of some old notepads I had)

Drafting compass




Liquid glue and glue on a stick (not pictured here)

Doubleside tape or glue pads

Step 2: The Letters L and V

Because I found it easier to draw and calculate (eye-ball calculation), I chose a square of 10 x 10 cm (about 4 x 4 inches).

And because the letter L, when turned 90 degrees to the left resembles a V, it was easy to draw and to cut without having to measure too much.

You can see the drawing I used as a pattern for these two letters. (Doesn't look like much but it did the job).

Step 3: The Letters O and E

For the rounded letters I used a drafting compass and drew a circle of 10 cm in diameter.

For the letter e: I drew a small circle (3 cm in diameter or 1,1 inch) with its midpoint 0,5 cm below the midpoint of the big circle, and cut the lower half of it. I found out that I didn't have to make the hole or blank of the letter to make it appear like an "e" because the cut I made showed the "e" shape by itself.

For better understanding, see my next set of photos.

Step 4: Transfer and Cut

Once the letters were drawn, I transferred them to the cardboard and cut them.

Step 5: Time to Use the Fabric.

I had some fabric from my daughter's old pants and I cut 4 square pieces a bit bigger than 4x4 inches in order to have enough fabric to fold behind the cardboard letter.

I placed each letter upside down on the fabric and I found out that the best way to arrange and cut the fabric around the letter was to first use some glue from the glue stick on the right side of the letter and then to put the cardboard upside down to the fabric (liquid glue would run through it and hot glue would leave bumps, that's why I used the glue stick).

For the corners of the letters L and V, I cut off the fabric corners, to make it easy to fold it to the backside.

For the letter "e" I cut the fabric following the circle at a distance of about 1.5 cm (about 0.6 in) and then I cut the fabric in tabs around the circle and glued them in a noncontinuous way paying attention that enough tension was given to the tabs so that the fabric stayed flat on the right surface of the letter to avoid wrinkles. I used liquid glue because I wanted the tabs to be completely glued to the back of the letter and I figured that using hot glue would be a bit risky for my fingers.

For the letter "o" I used the same procedure as the letter e.

Step 6: LOVE Is Ready for Display

When all my "love" letters were ready, I thought of glueing them to a wall because most of my walls are white and some color is needed. But as I didn't want to use doubleside tape, I went for the glue pads in order not to mess my wall in case I want to remove them one day. The photo shows the two glueing possibilities.

I could have covered the backside of the ready letters with cardboard or some more fabric, but I figured, since it's the backside....

I thought of making another set of letters for my daughter's school locker. Do you think she will accept it?

Have fun.

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