Introduction: LOvoltTICKLER

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Introduction-Make this fun lovolt tickler.Use 3vdc to shock the person..It is easy to make. It can also make a cvs neon bulb glow.It is safe since it produces an output of 60Vpeak for 1 microsecond.

Step 1: MATERIALS and Tools

Materials- The picture shows the materials needed.

Cell AA-The selection is open, You can use any 2AAcell holders.

The transformers shown are standard power supply isolation variety separating 120vac from output of 6 or 12 vac in other uses. Audio output transformers will not work here.

The potentiometer of 50 ohms miniature or any cf type available.Not critical.Can use knob or screwdriver adjust.

Switch- momentary, normally open type. Any type can be used, not critical. Should be easy to push down though..

Enclosure- plastic low cost as from Micheals Art store. Can also be metal as aluminum. See Jameco or R Shack.

Indicator bulb- any neon tube .Mini-6 to 9 inch types work fine. Also the Mercury spiral types will glow in the output.

The one that I had is a glow flicker 120v lamp.Find on E-bay.

Some LEDs will also light up. Need to explore to find right one for High voltage entry.Some don't work at all.

Electrodes- any plate steel needle about 2 inches long. that can be soldered. The second electrode can be same or in my set-up a flat ring of solder plated washer.Must be solderable.Connect to any flexible AWG22 insulated.I use ribbon wire.3 ft. lg.

Terminals- Standard type that can be used with banana plugs or tinned wire.RS#274-550 binding post.

Insulation- for the needle to hold part in a hand. Leave about 1 inch exposed on the end. Use Pvc or Poly shrink..



side cutters

soldering tool.

drill and bit for mounting pot etc.

glue- E6000 with ease of use and strength.

Step 2: Assembly and Testing

Assembly- Determine location of parts in size box you have available.

In my case I kept the output [120 primary two leads] close to the two output terminals. The location of the input 3vdc side is not critical as to location. The neon glow tube was adhered to the side and used for testing for output voltage.

I used approximately 3x4x2Ht. plastic styrene box.Instead of drilling the holes I used a hot solder tip and melted the holes through.The smell was not too objectionable.

Solder all wires as shown. The output HV leads are thin wire for flexibility. I stripped some from a ribbon cable I had.

Testing- A- Once the parts are in place they are glued to the base with E6000 glue. Let set 4 hours or until parts and transformer does not move. Place the two electrodes against a neon bulb. Push the MOM switch very rapidly down once or twice. You should see a flash or glow after each push down. Note that there is no flashing if you hold down the switch. It only flashed when you quickly flick switch down momentarily.Do not hold it down as this wont generate a voltage output.Only rapid closing and opening the primary 3vdc circuit will cause an output.

B- Unsuspecting person- Hold the two electrodes between the fingers. You push once on switch momentary . This causes a voltage pulse of about 50 volts Peak for about 1 Microsecond. Not enough to hurt or cause burns.They will jump with surprise,or nothing.This depends on their skin resistance.Moist skin will yield a larger jolt.Dry skin can still feel a tickle.The Pot setting can lower this voltage to a low point of almost non-effect.

C- Test on your self- hold electrodes down on table [plastic] no metal. space about 1 inch apart. place index finger on needle surface and thumb on the ring electrode.With right hand push once momentarily and release. You should feel a small jerk of the finger muscles.Enjoy the surprise.If it seems too high you can change the output down to a very low value of about 10 volts peak using the Potentiometer setting. Most people wont feel this value.

D- Testing on Legs. Place one electrode with tape on top of leg above knee. touch needle point to skin lightly at knee and with your right hand push the MOM switch once.You will feel a tingle. Next move needle slowly up the leg to groin while quickly actuating the MOM switch At a certain point you will be surprised by a leg jerk.This may be an acupuncture point. Each actuation of the switch at this point will cause the leg to jump as the muscle contracts. Have fun.You can move your muscles without exercising.Do not confuse this with MENS neuromuscular stimulation.Our device is not for medical uses.Its for a tickle.

Caveat-Although this low voltage single pulse method is safe , the FDA Center for Devices and radiological health

use of test methods by ANSI/AAMINSI5S Safety state that short term use may be safe . Their standards are only for safety of continuous use, long term stimulation and pulse rates of under 30 pulses per second. Others state that;

anyone with an internal implant or any one with epilepsy or pregnant women should not use any electrode devices

on their person. as outlined by above references.

We do not suggest that this device is to be used for EA[ Electro-acupuncture ] using inserting needles. Our needles are surface only use. same for MENS and TENS. We have tested current of our device and found it depends on skin resistance , The current reads about 1 micro-amp peak to 50 micro-amps peak, not enough to cause a burn.

REF-- See:

wikipedia on MENS TENS, description.

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